Do you sell/fill growlers?

We sell 64 oz growler glass for $5. Fill prices vary by brew. NPH only fills NPH brews, no guest taps. If you want a growler of a guest tap beer, please support that brewery by visiting their taproom.

will you fill growlers from other breweries?

Yes! Any CLEAN growler will be accepted.

Do you allow pets in the taproom?

Service dogs and small ponies only.

Do you sell food?

Our taproom is BYOF- bring your own food. The taproom is surrounded by several restaurants that offer take out or delivery. Ask you bartender for the local menu book on your next visit to the taproom!

Are my kids allowed in the taproom?

Yes! Niantic Public House is a family friendly environment. We offer bottled water, juice boxes, Gatorade and soft drinks for our underage drinkers. We just don’t serve them at the bar. Bring in some games or visit the game cart and play some of ours!

why the turtle?

It’s Jenny’s favorite. How many can you find in the taproom???